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Retro Adventure Soundtrack

Hello Developpers and games makers!

We are C.M.A.F.V.G. (Communauty Music Assets For Video Games) a communauty of 3 persons (for now, we hope to make it bigger) of composers/sound designers passionnate by vidéogame.

We strongly believe in music assets of quality and flexibility at the same level, what that means : We try to make great musics most natural as possible with orchestrations or arrangments

AND great options of loops/adaptative/interractions/stems (multi instruments).

Last time on the album Viking's Revenge game music pack, we've tried out to make tracks with the most flexibity possible, such a level that at the end

we got 460 OGG files 44,1 hz 24 bit, 600 Mo of compressed in Ogg for only ten tracks! Yes, great quality and flexibility and this time, still have a lot of options, but less to see what you prefer... This time it's 106 wav for the Retro Adventures files and the same in ogg vorbis format in the Retro Adventures Soundtrack(OGG) files. Sound fx for briefing of certain music are inclueded, 11 tracks (the eleventh, City Is On Fire is a rock version of the second one wich one is more techno style!

We hope you'll really enjoy theses musics, inspirated by old good games like Arcade, old adventure games, old shooters or shoot'em up!!

Off course, if you want a real custom work, we are availlable that for also!

Feel free to ask us questions, we'll answear to it as it best we are we are able to!

Thanks to have purchased this pack, we hope you'll have great using about it!

Nice regards,

Rafdows, Bara Amann and Koob.

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