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CB Sci-Fi Gun Pack

Bring style to the battlefield with this gun pack


  • Ideal for stylized projects and prototypes.
  • Great for FPS and any other cameras.
  • Great for 3D, 2.5 and 2D games.
  • Optimized meshes ready for most devices and separate components ready for animation.
  • Fully customizable colors.


  • Stun gun x1
  • Pistol x1
  • Revolver x1
  • Sub Machine Gun x2
  • Assault Rifle x2
  • DMR x1
  • Shotgun x2
  • Sniper Rifle x2
  • Energy gun x1
  • Grenade Launcher x1
  • Rocket Launcher x1
  • LMG x1
  • Minigun x1
  • Flamethrower x1
  • Grenade x1
  • Attachments and scopes


  • Unity package
  • Zip files with meshes (FBX), and tileable textures in 2k, PNG format


  • Meshes contain different material ID's for better material customization.
  • Screenshots taken with post processing.

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You will get 3 files

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