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Rough Ink Brushes - Premium Set

Hey there, Dave here from the Food-For-Crows Team!

This set of brushes has been created for the rough and crisp look of inked manga and comic, or other black and white illustration methods to be achieved via digital brushes.

Ever wanted to clean up your inked comic pages or manga pages that you have scanned in, or achieving the quality of a traditionally scanned ink drawing after editing? There you have your answer! The brushes have been designed to give the impression and slight texture of ink on paper that has been scanned - similar to the quality of inked manga pages, the outlines look crisp and yet clean enough for many purposes.

These brushes can be used for anything. It can be used for quick drawings, that topic we chose as an example for the preview image on which you can also see each stroke.. The Rough Ink brushes will make your drawings look crisp and add a bit of that texture to it that paper would provide, making them look less digital and technical.

Interested? Then give them a try and Happy Drawing! More brushes will be uploaded soon. We thank you for your support.

And whether you are a comic artist, an illustrator, or someone who is desperately looking for a way to achieve that traditional look because real inks might be expensive - these brushes are your saviour! You won't regret it. Be sure to stop by frequently for new brush sets you might like.

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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