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Camelhair Brushes (16 brushes)

Hey everyone, David here with a set of Photoshop brushes that you don't want to miss! The Camelhair Brushes for Photoshop! It contains 16 camelhair brushes for Photoshop in the file, each has a unique stroke that will allow you to create more dynamic lineart.

This set up Brushes works from PS CS5 and up. You can try to use it for lower versions, but their full range of functionality cannot be guaranteed for anything below PS CS5.

These brushes have been inspired by the camelhair brush in Corel Painter. You can in fact import this brush set into Corel Painter (from 2019 and up) as well, but you will need to adjust the settings accordingly by yourself.

In Photoshop, the settings are preset for you as per usual!

Dynamic and organic lineart, mixed media, using these brushes in Photoshop will allow you to give that extra touch of traditional fluid ink to your drawings that many other brushes can't!


You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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