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Smooth Paint Brushes - Free Set

Good day, David here from the Food-For-Crows Team!

The whole team wishes you to have a decent new year 2018. To celebrate that, we are uploading a free brush set for you. It doesn't emulate traditional media as much, but it is very useful for creating texture and interesting brush strokes for digital painting.

It is recommended to use at least Photoshop CS5, however, older versions might work as well with them.

This set of brushes is older and is still one of the best sets to use for digital painting. Build interesting textures via brush strokes using their dynamic shapes, it will create an almost oily smooth painting - combining it with charcoal drawings or pencils will produce interesting results, so we encourage you to try them out via mixed media techniques as well - or combine them with our other brush sets to achieve visually interesting results. Unleash your creativity today.

Happy Painting!

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