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Ballpoint Pen Brushes - Premium Set

Hey there, David here from the Food-For-Crows Team!

Did you ever sit outside with a mobile device running Photoshop, or in your studio, having the urge to draw via ballpoint pens but you wish for a digital workflow? Fear not, because I am here - with a set of digital ballpoint pen brushes for Photoshop! The tools you might have been looking for are now here and waiting for you to fulfil your creative vision!

They are very useful for lineart, sketching and rough inking. Try to combine them with other brushes and observe the magic they unleash with your creativity - or give your ideas and sketches a visually charming look for the presentation to a client or colleagues during production of your project. And the best thing about the brushes? They will never run out of ink! Grab them now and give them a try!

It is recommended to use at least Photoshop CS5, but eventually they will work with older versions too.

Happy Drawing!

You will get 1 file

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