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Base Meshes

Next Level Base Meshes - Episode 1

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9 base meshes to level up your art by focussing on the fundamentals of shape and proportion instead of worrying about the software!

These base meshes can be used in any sculpting app and are intended to be used as a reference tool.

Each mesh represents a different key shape or 'level' of the sculpt. By trying to achieve these shapes you will start learning whats really important to levelling up your artwork which is the fundamentals, not software.

Included in this episode: Please note: The hair, clothing and fish meshes are NOT included. Textures are also not included. Also please note that the mesh is derived from the peice shown so this episode does not include legs.

1 Zbrush File containing 9 levels of base meshes 1 Blender File containing 9 levels of base meshes 9 x 26 images of the meshes at each level (234 images!) 1 PureRef file for easier viewing of the images. I would highly recommend using this for reference images if you don't already:

Happy Sculpting!

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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