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This is a set of gradient maps for photoshop designed for artists like myself who paint with values of grey.

These 6 gradient maps are used to quickly apply a natural base of color for the skin over a greyscale painting. Since usual color layers lose saturation when put on greyscale, these gradients are calibrated to work and apply good amounts of saturation for skintones from light to dark

To use the gradients download the GRD file that can be used in photoshop or even artstudio pro (I'm unsure about the conversion to other software) and upload it directly in photoshop, in the gradient settings box. (ou can also drag and drop it)

If you can, PLEASE DONATE to download! I can't tell you how grateful I am for your contributions. They help fund future asset development, and make it worthwhile to continue to offer these assets to those who can't afford it otherwise.

I want to continue offering these for free, but taking care of my kid is also nice ^^ So every small donation helps.

Thanks, and happy sketching!

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