Software Brushes

Analog tools MEGAPACK + Bonus


This pack contains my whole collection of Procreate brushes designed with extreme care and attention to detail, in order to use the full capabilities of procreate's 5X latest brush engine. Each category has few brushes that are very different from each other, in order to not have any overlap and useless numbers, everyone has its unique functions.

  • 4 pencils with just enough tooth and fluidity to give life to your sketch sketches without thinking about it, just like a regular pencil. The basic tool at it's finest!
  • 5 incredible ink brushes with so mucj texture they'll make your screen bleed black!
  • 5 markers for the people who fell in love with copics markers, and regretted their price, here you can get that nice blending and layering effect with a slight amount of texture if you so decide.
  • 4 gouache brushes ranging from clean details to very waxxy flat brushes, for bold strokes making statements!


In top of this I included for free 5 high end expensive papers, that are scanned from A3 and A4 sizes on a profesionnal photography scanner, in 600dpi, in TIFF format. The files are around 100mo each, and you'll get a perfect base for textures in a huge format to give this special feeling to your paintings.


This product will evolve and include in the future every other smaller brush pack I release individually, starting by the wonderful watercolors I'm working on right now. If you buy it, you'll get every updated version free, and all the future products included in this pack for free, bypassing the price increase of the megapack that will come along eventually.

I'm sure you'll love this pack and the value it provides, and stay tuned for the updates in the future ;)

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