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Grandiose Gouache for procreate

These are the tools I created after experimenting with the new brush engine in Procreate 5 and breaking down hundreds of other brushes to find a way to replicate gouache that suits my liking, and giving the feel that I searched for. After a lot of trial and error and time spent testing all the options in the brush editor, here's what comes out of it.

This first version of the product offers 4 brushes, ranging from a clean but textured canvas brush, to big wet and messy brushes that are here to make a bold statement! All of these brushes are also designed to work perfectly as smudge brushes. Have fun by changing their flow and opacity to experiment various effects and go beyond traditional gouache possibilities !

To import these files just open 2 windows, one with a project on procreate, on the other one of the files app. Locate the .brushset file in the files app and simply drag and drop it to the proceate window. It will import the brushes to a new tab in your brush panel.

Thanks so much for supporting me, and happy painting! :)

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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