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Sci-Fi UI Sound Pack

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The first volume of high definition and modern UI sound effects. Sci-Fi UI Sound Pack is a curated collection of modern sounds designed for futuristic and sci-fi environments. Each sound was synthesized and designed to accompany high-tech systems, computers, machinery, or weapons. A must-have for the serious sound designer and game developer looking for HQ sounds!


  • 900+ sound effects that you can import directly into your project
  • Scanners, Computers, Alarms, Transitions, and Menu FX for all your Sci-Fi technology needs
  • Over 400 MB of HQ audio content

Included in this pack:

- Access Denied (40)
- Alarms (203)
- Bleeps, Blops, and Clicks (97)
- Command Accepted (25)
- Computers (29)
- Data Processing (43)
- Drones (16)
- Interference (19)
- Menu Sounds (130)
- Power Up (76)
- Power Down (34)
- Scanning (20)
- Transitions (52)
- Misc (119)

Total Audio Files: 903
Total Minutes of Audio: 40min 21sec
Sample Rate & Bit Depth: 44.1kHz & 16bit
File Type: WAV
Format: Stereo
Metadata: Soundminer, Basehead, Soundly, UCS, BWF

Find the complete asset list HERE

You will get 1 file

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