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Speed Painting In Photoshop

This Class Uses Adobe Photoshop

Video Preview Here:

Speed Painting In Photoshop:

This is a Digital Painting tutorial In Photoshop where I break down my speed painting techniques. The focus of speedpainting is to get all the channels of your idea across as fast and clearly as possible: composition, form, shape color, depth ect. I walk you through every step of my process and share my philosophy for creating fast effective concept art. Custom Photoshop brushes included!


  • My custom Photoshop Brushes
  • My custom Photoshop Actions
  • 1.25 Hours of narrated instructional video covering the following topics: -Loose Sketching -Grayscale Painting -Colorization of Grayscale -Final Color Painting -Brush Breakdown (How To Use My Brushes)
  • Layered PSD file demonstrating process

-David Harrington

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