Concept Art
Photoshop CC

Complete Concept Art Drawing Guide

David Harrington's Complete Drawing Guide

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Shape, Rhythm and Form (And My Photoshop Tools) (34 Minutes)
  • Chapter 2: Combining Forms and Drawing From Reference (118 Minutes)
  • Chapter 3: 1-Point Perspective Drawing (16 Minutes)
  • Chapter 4 2-Point Perspective Drawing (38 Minutes)
  • Chapter 5: 3-Point Perspective Drawing (35 Minutes)
  • Chapter 6: Drawing Female Fantasy Character (33 Minutes)
  • Chapter 7: Drawing Sci-Fi Armored Warrior (37 Minutes)


  • My custom Photoshop Brushes
  • My custom Photoshop Actions
  • Over 5 Hours of narrated instructional video covering 7 chapters of instruction.
  • Layered PSD files

Unlike most of my other videos this is an entire drawing class aimed at covering the majority of my knowledge of classical drawing techniques geared for today's digital art industries.

-David Harrington

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