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Gym Equipment Pack

The best value Gym Pack on the Internet! The following Gym pack contains 47 Assorted pieces of Gym Equipment; 21 of which are rigged and animated.

It has been built to render in both Mental Ray and Octane, and all materials have been neatly arranged and attached to one Multi-Sub Material, so you can replace the Materials with your own very quickly and easily.

The List of equipment can be seen below:

-------------------------RIGGED / ANIMATED ASSETS------------------------- -------------CARDIO------------- Bike Stationary Bike Spinbike Machine Recumbent Bike Machine Elliptical Rowing Machine

-------------CHEST------------- Chest Press Machine PecDec/Flye Machine

-------------BACK------------- Lat PullDown Machine Lat PullDown Machine - V-Bar Extension Pull Up Assist Machine

-------------LEGS------------- Leg Curl Machine Leg Extension Machine Leg Press Machine Seated Calf Raise Machine Smith Machine

-------------MISC------------- Boxing Bag Skipping Rope Cable Cable - Rope Extension Suspension Cable

-------------------------NON RIGGED ASSETS------------------------- -------------WEIGHTS------------- Barbell - Heavyweight Barbell - Lightweight EZ Curl Bar Dumbbell KettleBell Isolated Weights - 5kg, 10kg, 20kg Medicine Ball

-------------STATIONARY------------- Bench Bench - Incline Bench Press Chair Power Rack Glute Ham Raiser Hip Raiser Hyper Extension Preacher Curl Station Situp Bench

-------------MACHINES------------- Treadmill StairMaster Machine - Not Rigged

-------------MISC------------- Ab Roller Bosu Ball Foam Roller + Mat BattlingRopes Exercise ball Floor Ladder Box Step

You will get 1 file

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