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Environment Brushes and Stamps

This pack contains 85 custom made brushes to aid in painting and adding detail to outdoor environment art.

I've used a lot of the brushes in this pack in my recent work and found them to be quite versatile over the years. They are useful for concept art, compositing, matte painting or any environment artwork that is aiming for a degree of realism. Made with beginners and more experienced artists in mind they're easy to use, should fit nicely into a range of styles, and work well with brush packs from other artists.


  • Use reference for more accurate colour palettes. Don't guess!

  • As with my fur brush pack, don't stick to just one of the brushes in the set and expect miracles. They are designed to work together so experiment with them all! To help with this, I have named all the brushes according to what I originally created them to render.

  • Some of the brushes make use of the 'direction' setting under Shape Dynamics>Angle Jitter in brush settings. This will make different marks depending which way the brush stroke is performed. If you don't like working with the brushes as they are set then feel free to tweak it to a personal comfort level or disable it altogether.

  • Similarly a few of the brushes make use of the Colour Dynamics settings to create a varied foliage effect or add noise to the brush. Increasing or decreasing the brightness jitter setting will adjust how dramatic this effect is. Or again you can disable this entirely if it is not to your liking.

  • The brushes should work with all the latest versions of photoshop CC from 2018 onward. I cannot guarantee they will work in older versions (CS and below) as I've no way to test this currently. (If you do have them working in earlier versions please do let me know via a message so I can update this)

  • These brushes can be imported into Clip Studio Paint. However due to differences in the brush engine they may not all perform as intended.

Release Notes Version 2.0 adds 35 new brushes as well as tweaking and replacing some of the brushes from version 1.0. This brings the total number of brushes in this pack to 85. If you liked some of the brushes in the original be sure to back up your copy just in case.

There is a stronger focus on making the brushes useful for concept art, compositing and matte painting in this version. They work best with artwork that is aiming for a degree of realism. Although more stylized work may find some of them useful. You can see numerous examples of how I use them in my portfolio.

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