20-Sleeves-Marvelous designer-Clo3d

Hello There,

This package is a Collection of 20 Different Sleeves modeled in Clo3d (version 6.1) You can use them to speed up your work in modeling clothes.

In order to make editing easier Sleeves attached to a very basic and simple top. There is not any top stitch or zipper or any other detail in these files so it's all optimized and easy to handle. The Default particle distance in Marvelous Designer-Clo3d files is 10, but for a HQ Simulation, render or exporting, Decrease it to 5 or less. All meshes are quads and clean, but for detail sculpting or Delicate works like animation you may need retopology. There are 2 types of Exported OBJ for each model, one is thin and unwelded version, and other is thick and welded (all as one object) There are HQ Rendered Previews from the Thick OBJ files-rendered in marmooset4 and I put the subdivision Level on 1 for smoother result.  As a gift, The material used in the gray previews is also attached to the product files (sbsar and 4k PNG). you can find more on my store.

Please rate and review this Product! It could be very helpful for us, and we appreciate that! If you have any issues or want to give feedback then feel free to message me here. Hope you download it and enjoy.

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