30 Sequin & Beed Work patterns-Vol4-SBSAR

Here is a set of 30 Various 4k Sequin and Beed Work Patterns.

You can bring more details to your work using these materials. Use them easily on top of any fabric material you want by using the opacity map as a mask. or just use The Height map for sculpting.

In substance Painter:

1-Add your fabric

2-Add a patterns file from the package

3-Disable the opacity channel

4-Change the Normal and Height channel's blending mode to normal

All Patterns made procedurally ( not from images ) so don't worry about closeup Quality. SBSAR files includes AO-Height-Normal(DirectX)-Base Color-Roughness-Metallic Package Contains:

1 .rar files :

30 SBSAR files 30 HQ Rendered Preview Please rate and review this Product! It could be very helpful for us, and we appreciate that!

If you have any issues or want to give feedback then feel free to message me here. Hope you download it and enjoy.

You will get 2 files

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