Game ready

Sliding Door

This exclusive Door can be used to fill up your game environment.

With PBR textures 2k resolutions and LODs, you can now optimize your project as you want.

Textures are created to be realistic with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) workflow.

This door is Rigged and Animated

Model Details Total Tris Count - 848

LOD0 Tris Count - 312

LOD1 Tris Count - 280

LOD2 Tris Count - 256

Total Poly Count - 505

LOD0 Poly Count - 183

LOD1 Poly Count - 167

LOD2 Poly Count - 155

Total Vertex Count - 436

LOD0 Vertex Count - 160

LOD1 Vertex Count - 144

LOD2 Vertex Count - 132

Texture Details

Texture Resolution 2K

4 Texture Maps


AO (Ambient Occlusion)



Rigging Details Models has Two controls 1) Door Open and close 2) Global Control

Animation Details From Frame 0 to 35 >> Door open From Frame 45 to 75 >> Door Close

We will also customize (if you need further customization) the asset as according to your project requirement.

Enjoy and please rate the asset!

Note: Only native file format (Maya ma )and Alembic will have the rig controls. Other File formats will have the preset animation's but not the rigging controls. Floor texture and Background image will not be provided for this product.

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