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Sci fi Buttons Levers and Gears Vol 2

This exclusive Low poly, Sci fi panels/levers / buttons pack can be used to fill up your fictional game environment. The pack contains fifteen individually usable game models with scripted mechanisms for sliders, buttons, dials, levers, flip switches and touchscreens.

With 2k resolution, PBR textures, you can now optimize your project as you want using multiple options provided in the. This pack comes with different file formats like .max, .ma, .unitypackage, .fbx and .obj.

Textures are created to be realistic with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) workflow. The texture folder also contains four texture maps as follows


AO (Ambient Occlusion)




Mesh Details

Control System

Verts: 1218

Edges: 2467

Polygons: 1265

Tris: 2314

UVs: 2040

Half Circle Sliders

Verts: 813

Edges: 1683

Polygons: 874

Tris: 1618

UVs: 1731

Hand Console

Verts: 737

Edges: 1429

Polygons: 711

Tris: 1289

UVs: 1348

Sci fi Panel 2

Verts: 1698

Edges: 3284

Polygons: 1618

Tris: 3003

UVs: 2941

Sci fi Panel 3

Verts: 1647

Edges: 3211

Polygons: 1601

Tris: 2833

UVs: 2764

Sci fi Panel 4

Verts: 2315

Edges: 4154

Polygons: 1936

Tris: 3680

UVs: 4360

Sci fi Panel 6

Verts: 2645

Edges: 5072

Polygons: 2504

Tris: 4626

UVs: 5166

Touchscreen on Stand

Verts: 108

Edges: 212

Polygons: 106

Tris: 196

UVs: 186

Note: Script and animation is only available for the unity package. Please check “Read me” file in the package for the scripts and button/lever mechanism.

You will get 6 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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