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Barrel Stack

This exclusive barrels pack contains wooden barrel stacks in three different variations and five different file types, that can be used to fill up your game environment.

With PBR texture with 2k resolutions and LODs, you can now optimize your project as you want.

Textures are created to be realistic with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) workflow and there are two different variations of textures, you can choose as per your scene's requirement.

Your purchase includes Three sets of Barrel stack Five different file types - Maya (.ma), Blender (.blend), Object(.obj), Autodesk(.fbx), 3ds max(.max) and Texture files.

Mesh Details


Total Poly Count - 5755 LOD0 Poly Count - 3446 LOD1 Poly Count - 1893 LOD2 Poly Count - 416

Total Vertex Count - 7137 LOD0 Vertex Count - 4341 LOD1 Vertex Count - 2330 LOD2 Vertex Count - 466


Total Poly Count - 6286 LOD0 Poly Count - 3776 LOD1 Poly Count - 2094 LOD2 Poly Count - 416

Total Vertex Count - 7640 LOD0 Vertex Count - 4672 LOD1 Vertex Count - 2548 LOD2 Vertex Count - 420


Total Poly Count - 4336 LOD0 Poly Count - 2580 LOD1 Poly Count - 1448 LOD2 Poly Count - 308

Total Vertex Count - 5186 LOD0 Vertex Count - 3138 LOD1 Vertex Count - 1750 LOD2 Vertex Count - 298

Texture detail 1) Two Variations of PBR Texture set resolutions -2048 x 2048 2) Texture Maps - Albedo, AO (Ambient Occlusion), Metallic, Normal. 3) Two Variations of texture.

We will also customize (if you need further customizations) the asset as according to your project requirement.

Enjoy and please rate the asset

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