Hex Tropics & Wetlands Terrain

Hand-painted terrain hex tiles of tropical jungle, sandy palm forests, swamps, wetlands, and bogs! Use these to enliven your RPG overworld, strategy games, boardgame visuals, or whatever you can imagine.

  • 9 biome types x 4 variations = 36 tiles
  • includes 5 themed location types (temples, villages, etc)
  • includes decor sprites (palms, trees, stumps, huts)
  • painted at 256x384 pixels so that trees can overlap the tiles behind

Terrain types included: - bog - sand - sand with palm forest - grassy sand - grassy sand with palm forest - tropical plains - tropical jungle (tropical plains with trees) - wetlands - swamp (wetlands with trees)

Changelog: 1.1.0: 2021 08 29 - revised sand, sandPalms, grassySand, and grassSandPalms - added various themed locations (ruined machine, snake temple, stepped pyramid, stepped pyramind ruin, tropical waterfall hill, stilt village) - added 39 decor sprites

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