Terrain Hexes: Cold Lands

Cold and snow-covered lands, lovingly hand-painted as 2D terrain hex tiles suitable for an overworld, a strategy game, or boardgame-like visuals. (Updated to v1.1 on 2021 March 12)

  • 13 tile types x 4 variations + 20 additional location tiles = 72 tiles total
  • includes 40 non-tile terrain decor sprites that can be overlaid anywhere
  • painted at 256x384 pixels so that trees, hills, and mountains can overlap the tiles behind

Terrain types included: - snow-covered mountains (+ 4 variants with caves) - snowfields - forest (pine, snow transition, snow-covered + clearing for each type) - rocky hills (bare, snow transition, snow-covered + cave for each type) - cold plains (bare, snow transition, snow-covered + pond for each type) - ocean with icebergs - cold dirt - also some ruins, a giant skeleton, an ice palace, and logging camps

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