Hex Medieval-Fantasy Locations

This is a set of lovingly hand-painted 2D medieval/fantasy hex location tiles suitable for a videogame overworld, a strategy game, boardgame-like visuals, or for your next RPG campaign!

  • expands upon my basic terrain assets for those interested in making medieval-fantasy themed games
  • 125 hex tiles (over 63 unique location types, some on different terrain types, some with multiple variations)
  • painted at 256x384 pixels so that towers, mountains, and trees can overlap the tiles behind
  • includes 143 road tiles for all possible permutations of hex grid roads (some of single variation, some more)
  • includes 235 "decor" sprites which can be placed on any background terrain texture (these include versions of the hex locations with the underlying terrain removed)

Location types included - farmland (with burned versions); also includes silo, barn versions - villages; includes wood, thatched-roof, and burnt-down versions - many castle & stronghold variations, some ruined; some built of stone, some of wood - pyramids, oasis, sphinx, lost city - marketplace, cookhouse, warehouse - church, scriptorium, graveyard - windmill, granary - smithy, inn, alchemist - forester's cabin - walled city - mines, caves, gated dwarven mine - stonehenge - temple & ruined temple - halfling village - necromancer's tower - lava-filled cave - elven lodge

All assets are included as individual transparent-background png files. The base hex size is 256x256 plus vertical overlap. Decor sprites are of arbitrary size, but generally smaller than the hexes. Road sprites include a directional byte code in their names (you'll understand when you see them).


1.0: April 2016 - First Release

1.1: March 2016 - flipped incorrectly placed road tile (hexRoad-001011-00.png) - added smaller versions of the grass and dirt villages (8 tiles added) - slight tweaks and fixes to various tiles

1.2: March 2019 - updated base terrain for all sprites (improved landscape hexes) - added 13 or so new location hexes (66 total) - added 117 decor sprites - slight tweaks and fixes to various tiles

1.3.0: December 2022 - added 53 new location hexes (for 119 total) - added 52 decor sprites - slight tweaks and fixes to various tiles

1.3.1: January 2023 - added 48 decor icons (that I forgot to add before) - adjusted some colours/rendering on certain tiles & erased a green mystery triangle

1.3.2: May 2023 - added clay pits - touched up the red/green/blue castles (decor and tiles) - added overlooked decor sprite for "strongholdThatched" - corrected a misnamed tile (hillsBarrowDowns00 -> hexHillsBarrowDowns00)

1.3.3: May 2023 - reverted some decor sprites that were swapped to the tile-size versions (sorry!) - added sphinx tile - added some more decor sprites (sphinx, barns, archery range, barrels) - added 6x very short road-end caps and a left-right bridge

1.3.4: February 2024 - added 4 new buildings (4 decor sprites, 3 tiles- scriptorium, cookhouse, alchemist, warehouse) - added 49 new road variations (this got a bit out of hand, I'll admit)

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