Terrain Hexes: Deserts

This is a set of lovingly hand-painted 2D terrain hexes of deserts suitable for an overworld, a strategy game, or boardgame-like visuals. - 15 tile types x 4 variations each + 20 additional location tiles (including many variants on a type) = 80 tiles total - painted at 256x384 pixels so that cacti, hills, and mesas can overlap the tiles behind - 67 decor sprites (rocks, trees, grass, etc) with transparent backgrounds

Terrain types included: - rocky yellow desert x4 (+salt flats and crater) - saguaro yellow desert forest x4 - sandy yellow desert x4 - yellow desert base x4 - yellow desert hills x4 (+4 w/ oases) - yellow desert mesas x4 (+4 w/ caves) - yellow desert large mesa x2 (+2x cave and oasis variants) - rocky red desert x4 - grassy red desert x4 (x2 w/ oases) - grassy red desert savannah/forest x4 (x2 with oases) - grassy red desert hills x4 (x2 w/ oases) - grass red desert mountains x4 (x4 with caves) - red desert base x4 - grassy red desert with dunes x4 - red desert large mesa (+1 with cave)

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