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Icons: Medieval Arms & Armor

Richly detailed, hand-painted icons suitable for an RPG, roguelike, strategy game, or boardgame-like experience.

  • 93 icons (so far!)
  • all icons are 128x128 pixels
  • provided on a transparent background
  • icons are provided as individual PNG files
  • includes helms, shields, torso armor, daggers, polearms, axes, swords, warhammers, clubs, flails, arrows, bows, darts, one of those wiggly swords, and a whip.

This icon set is made up of medieval weapons and armor which are more-or-less realistic and inspired by historical designs. Mostly. (There's a bit of Diablo 1 in there.) As I expand the set, it'll probably branch out into more medieval-fantasy directions, though with a generally grounded aesthetic.


  • 1.0 - 2021 April 14: first release of 91 icons
  • 1.0.1 - 2024 April 26: added two missing icons (which were in the preview image, somehow!), for a total of 93 icons


  • You can use these to make a free or commercial video game, printed board game, or similar media project.
  • You can modify and remix these icons to use in your projects.
  • You can't give them away on their own, sell them on their own, or sell them in another asset pack.
  • I do not give permission to use these assets in "AI" procedural generation algorithm data sets.

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