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🖼️ Ref Free Pack - Animals 🐠 [Reference] (80)

A few days ago I visited a museum in Barcelona, took different reference photos of the animals and samples they had.

I think they can be useful for many people to use as a reference in projects as well as a way to see content from museums in other cities.

In this pack there are photos of: Caixa Forum in Barcelona

I leave this pack free since the photos are taken with a mobile and will not have the best quality, so I think it would not deserve to be paid.

I have taken the photos to have as a reference in a 3D creation process. I believe that many artists can benefit from these photos, being a good reference for projects.

If I see that this pack is well received, I will go to more museums nearby to be able to make packs of photographs.

I hope that if you decide to download it, do not hesitate to comment and rate so that other people take advantage of this experience. If you like it, you could repeat the visit by taking more photos.

(I was lucky enough to record a hermit crab walking, I also include the video for animation reference)

You will get 2 files

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