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🪓➰Rope Curve IMM Brush Pack Zbrush🪓

I have developed this pack of Curve Imm brushes.

Created for version 2020.1 or higher. Available a new updated version for 2019 version or higher

To be able to develop different types of rope in a software such as zbrush.

All strings are in tileable format so that they can be used as curve IMMs, this way it will be easier to generate strings.

I also include an obj with the files, so users can adapt or modify the strings as they see fit.

They are raised with few polygons so that the subdivisions are easy to apply

This pack is designed for the use of strings in 3D, it also includes a pack of alphas created with them, to make them tileable.

These brushes support subdivisions without losing shape

In this pack you will find 7 versions of different strings

I have prepared some Patterns, based on geometry and I have finished adjusting the basic alphas using substance Dessigner.

7 Basic Alphas .PNG and .TGA

7 Basic Alphas .PNG and .TGA

13 Patterns Alpha .PNG and .TGA (7 normal, 6 with offset )

Includes a tutorial on how to use geometry in other programs such as Blender

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