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Viking Equipment Pack Vol. 1

The Viking Equipment Pack Vol. 1 includes 8 unique hand crafted, game-ready 3D models of Viking Equipment, Armor and Weapons including swords, a shield, a helm, dagger and more, ready to implemented into your project.

What's included? The assets listed below come with two sets of textures - one for specular and one for metallic.

Included in this package you'll also find the Unreal Engine 4 project with LODs and Collision meshes. (Unreal Engine version 4.17)

One-handed Axe (Based on "bearded" axes or "skeggox") Helm (Based on several sources) Sword (Based on more modern designs) Sword (Based on the Dublin Ulfberht) Dagger (Based on the Scrammasax) Scabbard (Sword-sized) Shield (Based on the large round shield) Spear (Based on the lugged spear design) Specifications: Texture Sizes: Axe: 4096x4096 Helm: 8192x8192 Scabbard: 8192x4096 Scrammasax: 4096x4096 Shield: 8192x8192 Spear: 4096x2048 Sword: 8192x8192 Ulfberht: 4096x2048 Technical Information: Axe: 969 vertices/6202 triangles Helmet: 1630 vertices/9201 triangles Scabbard: 480 vertices/3755 triangles Scrammasax: 222 vertices/1118 triangles Shield: 2028 vertices/6277 triangles Spear: 1217 vertices /1820 triangles Sword: 1229 vertices/7194 triangles Ulfberht: 987 vertices/1652 triangles Number of Meshes: 8

Number of Textures: 40

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

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