Japan Bundle - Image Pack

High res image pack featuring a multitude of subject and locations from Japan. 1002 royalty free and high resolution jpg's (5333 x 3000). Ideal for reference and potentially kitbashing and matte painting.

Includes the following Image Packs (also available separately): - Streets Of Japan (100+) - Gardens of Japan (300+) - Ancient Japan - Shrines and Temples (200+) - Ancient Overgrown Japanese Graveyard (350+)

Notes: - Images are mostly unprocessed, I am not a professional photographer, so quality will vary, I tried to be selective. You will also see a variation in weather conditions.

  • Please be respectful and responsible when using images including religious subjects or the occasional person/tourist. These/they might be subject to copyright and other laws. (If these photos end up being used in violation, I won't take responsibility for any violations on another person’s rights. So please be mindful!)

  • Royalty free, but do not repost, share or sell the images in their original, unaltered form.

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