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Bone Pack - Smart Material & Meshes

Includes: - Bone Smart Material, for Substance Painter - 3 Meshes, baked down, optimized and sharing 1 texture sheet - 2K Texture Set (tga format)

The material is super easy to tweak and requires virtually no effort to texture your bone meshes.

The meshes are a human skull, a fox skull and a generic looking bone. (Respectively 5794 tris, 5960 tris, 814 tris) They are viewable from any angle, even teeth and cavities are include. I made the jaw as a separate model with a pivot that's super easy to animate if desired. They were created based on scanned data, the high poly data is not included in this pack. (sources at the bottom!)

Zipfile content: - D3DBone.spsm - SMBone01.fbx - SMFoxSkull01.fbx - SMHumanSkull01.fbx - TBonePackA.tga - TBonePackORM.tga - TBonepackN.tga - TBonePack_R.tga (in case you prefer it separate)

Sources of scan data used as reference for low poly models, the scan data is NOT included in this pack: - Human Skull, by Hannah Newey - Fox Skull, - Bone,

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