Porsche 944 S2

A very accurate model of a Porsche 944 S2. The model comes in three formats: -.blend, rendered with cycles, as seen in the images; -.obj, with materials and textures applied; -.dae, with materials and textures applied; -.stl, ready to print in 3D;

This 3d model was originally created in Blender 2.71 and rendered with Cycles. There are two variants of the car:with the headlights up and down. The model has materials applied in all formats, and are ready to import and render. The model is built strictly out of quads and is subdivisable:

Subdivision 0: 110,320 verts / 107,980 polys Subdivision 1: 124,613 verts / 121,722 polys Subdivision 2: 180,683 verts / 176,700 polys

It comes in separate parts, named correctly for the sake of convenience.

For any problems please feel free to contact me.

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