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Rigged Lockers (school/gym/workplace)

A set of two lockers (in two texturing variants - standard metal and rust) typically found in schools, gyms and various workplaces such as workshops etc. They come in two texturing variants (each variant has its own set of files). All textures are embedded in the *.blend files, but they are also packed into a separate archive to be used in Unity or other engines with *.fbx or *.obj files. All lockers are rigged with bones - the combination lock can be rotated and doors can be opened (see the Unity video preview below for reference). The models were made in Blender with quad topology (with the exception of one flat n-gon on the combination lock dial which I left there on purpose since it causes no problems being flat), some previews are from Blender material preview mode, others from Unity renders so they may differ. The video was rendered with Unity. Video preview: 3D preview on Sketchfab:

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