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Statue 002

Photo scanned statue of a remodelled sculpture from images (Variation 002)

The statue comes in 4 variations: a very high poly count, high poly count, mid poly count and low poly count (less than 10000 triangles)

Textures: 2048 px x 2048 px or 4096 px x 4096 px (2k or 4k)

PBR: Color, Normal, Ambient Occlusion

Other Values are constant

Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Specular are one Image Texture/Map in high, mid and low

File formats: FBX, OBJ and Blender (2.93; compressed)

.bend Files only contain the high, mid and low poly versions of the model

FBX and OBJ have no textures. All textures have a separate download area.

If you have any questions? You can contact me at [email protected]

You will get 4 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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