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Zenith 812 Radio

Detailed model of a vintage Zenith 812 radio. It’s classic style is ideal for many type of interior scenes.

The model is properly UV mapped and textured (diffuse, normal and specularity). Ready for quality renders and close ups. Renders were created with Cycles with 1 level of subdivision applied.

Tech info: Object origin is set to the center of the bottom of the Radio model for easy placement and scaling. All the other objects are parented to the Radio object. Materials are set for Cycles. Textures are in 4K and 1K resolution.

Total Polygon count w/o subdiv: 14800 Total Vertex count w/o subdiv: 16500

Total Polygon count with subdiv: 57000 Total Vertex count with subdiv: 60000

OBJ and FBX files are tested in 3ds Max

To use only the models you can choose append from your scene and navigate to the zenith.blend file and append the models by their group (Radio) or simply open the blend file and you will find the models at the center on layer 1. Scale and rotations are applied to avoid issues during editing.

You will get 3 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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