Emotional Soundtrack Pack Vol. 1

Any emotional game scene can be reflected drastically differently by the music choice alone. This track is thoughtfully composed to reveal and enhance the core emotion without losing its essence. Let your audience feel the difference.

Potential use cases; video game soundtrack, background music for games, and emotional scenes.

Ideal for the passionate game developers, film, tv shows, documentary producers, and video editors, who need a cinematic sad soundtrack for their projects.

You can listen to the preview of the tracks here:

Epikton - A Broken Heart 3:06

Epikton - A Moment of Resentment 0:47

Epikton - Acceptance 3:00

Epikton - Across the Life 2:19

Epikton - Dreamland 1:37

Epikton - Fallen Angels 1:06

Epikton - First Story 0:50

Epikton - Had To Move On 1:19

Epikton - Loving is Caring 1:11

Epikton - Memories 1:41

Epikton - Old Timer 1:51

Epikton - Requiem Of An Elf 1:17

Epikton - Tears of Joy 1:30

Epikton - The Requiem 1:29

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