Hybrid Action Music Pack Vol.1

Whether demonstrating a cinematic scene from the cyberpunk future or introducing a hi-tech weapon, your music choice can make it or break it. This track is inspired by science fiction and crafted to let your audience imagine what the future feels like.

Potential use cases; sci-fi games, cyberpunk games, cinematic trailers, action scenes, and product commercials.

Ideal for passionate game developers, YouTubers, video editors, and gamers who need futuristic sci-fi music.

List of Music Tracks in this pack:

Epikton - Absolute Zero

Epikton - Emergency Evacuation

Epikton - Jaw Breaker

Epikton - Nuclear Countdown

Epikton - Railway to Hell

Epikton - Shredder

Epikton - Skull Driller

Epikton - Strikethrough

Epikton - The Next-Gen Predator

Epikton - This Engine Burns Adrenaline

Epikton - Warning Signal

Epikton - Welcome to The Last Chapter

Epikton - Quasar

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