Epic Music Pack Vol.1

There are not many music tracks that grab attention from the beginning and last for the end. However, this track is specifically created to satisfy your audience in that manner and give them goosebumps while building up to a powerful ending note.

Potential use cases; action games, fps games, gaming soundtrack, cinematic trailers, background music for video games.

Ideal for passionate game developers, YouTubers, video editors, and gamers who need cinematic trailer music for their projects.

You can listen to the preview of the tracks here:

Epikton - Epicentrum Protector 2:53

Epikton - In The Mind Of Our King 2:40

Epikton - Struggle for Survival 3:42

Epikton - The Age of Glory 3:00

Epikton - The Glare Of Victory In My Sword 3:35

Epikton - The Last One Standing 3:36

Epikton - The Revenge 2:21

Epikton - To the Sky 2:29

Epikton - We Are All Legends 3:38

Epikton - Wings of Fire 2:52

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