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Queen's Gambit - Social Scene

This is my first own project, I used all my knowledge in Blender to do this, I wanted to sell the scene in order to pay for my 3D online education, so I hope you all guys like the scene.

What will you get if you decide to buy this?

.Blend scene. 10 Rendered images in .PNG Format 5 vinyl records and their own covers + vinyl record collection. 8 paper posters. 7 glass bottles with their labels. 5 glass cups. 5 beer cans with their labels. 13 books with different covers + 1 magazine. 3 textured crumpled papers. Chess assets : Board + pieces + clock. 1 Bottle of Beth Harmon's Pills. 6 Leather boxes. 1 Typewriter machine 1 Turntable. 2 Carpets. 1 Nicoletta Ceccoli Paint. 3 ashtrays with cigarettes. 3 curtains. Furniture. 1 Acoustic Guitar. 1 Radiator. Cushions. 1 Plant.

Are those objects include their textures but are not ready to be animated or something similar, the scene includes all the cameras, composite, and lights. Also, it is important to say the file is done with the Troy filmic for Blender, if you want to use it you can find it in: .

Thanks a lot !

You will get 2 files

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