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Canyon Mining Environment Pack

Canyon Mining Environment Pack is a collection of 60 assets to build large-scale Canyon-themed environments with.

It contains:

  • 18 Large-scale cliff rocks

  • 15 Deco assets (crates, ropes, lantern, hammer, pickaxe, dynamite ect)

  • 2 Mine carts (one simple, one complex)

  • 9 Mine Interor parts (Walls, Ceilings, Entrance)

  • 15 rail construction parts + wooden framework to build upon (modular, curves, switches, end-pieces)

  • 1 ressource mesh (for mine carts + crates, 4 corresponding texturess: gold, rocks, coal, crystals)

Textures range from 1k to 4k and are meaningful chosen (1k for metalness, 2k-4k for normals depending on the asset scale).

The Unitypackage file comes with the demo scene as well as some custom shaders for sand on top of the cliffs and for layering a pattern over the rocks to make them more easy to kitbash into each other.

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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