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Derelict Ship 360 VR Panorama Tutorial

In this tutorial I will explain the process of creating a 360 VR Spherical Panorama of your matte paintings, 3d render, concept art etc, that can be viewed using a web browser or VR device or through platforms such as SketchFab. 3d Panoramas are a great way to present concepts for a more immersive exploration of ideas.

You can view the final result on SketchFab here: Highly recommend using a VR device such as Google Cardboard, Vive etc

This product includes:

x1 Ebook with a break down of the process of creating a 360 VR Panorama using 3ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop. Though note you can also create 360 VR panoramas completely in Photoshop too.

x1 PSD (flattened) of the 10000 pixel wide artwork

5 hour video covering the making of the Derelict Ship artwork.

The video will show my process of creating the initial 360 VR setup followed by rendering the ship, creating materials, lighting the scene, creating the ground plane in Megascans Studio, creating atmospheric volume lighting, and finally matte painting the final render in Photoshop using a combination of painting techniques.

x1 360 VR template for direct use in Photoshop.

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