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Industrial Elements Kit

This is a collection of seven industrial elements with a rusty derelict treatment. From these seven elements you can create a wide range of configurations useful for anything from steampunk environments to spaceship interiors and surprisingly; derelict factories! I've provided an example that I threw together in around 15 minutes. Once again, these assets, like many of the assets I create are aimed at eliminating technical build time in favor of exploring creative compositions and finding interesting shapes.

Turn table animation preview can be seen here:

The assets were created in 3ds Max and setup to render with V-Ray 3.6 or greater. With other formats available.

The Max/Vray assets uses multiple UV channels with tiled maps in the shader. Each shader then uses a mask file to provide a unique, non tiled look. The masks are saved into a single PNG file. Each PNG file contains three masks in the R, G, B channels for economical use. Max then uses one of these channels in a Vray Blend shader to influence the over all look.

I've also provided; OBJ, FBX and ABC. These files are setup with a single generic UV tile for flexibility in other programs. Note because these are aimed for general use, the shader / maps are different and will render different to the version setup for 3ds Max / Vray (preview images). Not any less good; just different.

I've provided a Cinema 4D file. Please note this was created using a 3ds Max to Cinema 4D Converter. My C4D knowledge is very limited, however i do often get requests for this format.

I've provided a 3ds Max file with all the Factory Element shaders in one scene for alternative use and flexibility.

All shaders were created in Substance Painter.

Preview Images were rendered with VrayRT, a single HDRI skydome, and a single rectangle light.

There are two .rar files for the maps. "Shader Maps" go with the Max / Vray files. The generic maps (in each folder) go with the OBJ, FBX, ABC and C4D

Any questions or problems, as always please email me :)

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