Hard Surface

Ancient Ruin Kit (40+ Ruin Kit Bash Elements)

Ancient Ruin Kit

Build ancient temples - discover the lost civilizations of your imagination - create mysterious alien artifacts, ruined castles, destroyed villages and much more!

Explore an infinite amount of possibilities.

Discover over 40 unique elements, with hands sculpted erosion and high resolution 4k detailed textures, providing a great amount of detail for both close and afar.

Combine elements together. flip, twist, bend, slice and dice them to discover new and interesting designs.

Dig into the example files to see how I created different environment sets.

Tech Notes:

The assets are linked to the 4k PNG maps by default. I've also provided JPEGS for convenience.

Created in 3ds Max / Zbrush / Substance Painter.

I bumped up the RGB levels of the Gloss maps in the material editor > gloss map roll out to provide a little more reflection.

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