Concept Art
3ds Max

Rapid Symmetry Design

7 hour video demonstration in real time! These video's demonstrate the process of rapid symmetry design. This is a technique that allows you to create very complex 3d concepts in a very short amount of time. In addition to modeling the asset, I also go through the process of lighting and rendering the asset, including demonstrating the use of V-Ray's real time preview engine RT.

What you get:

*7 hours of Full HD videos

*38 page eBook to that fully explains the concept of Rapid Symmetry Design

*Final 3ds Max file with Ship asset, as sold on Turbosquid, in multiple formats

Please note, there's no audio in the video. For now, I've created a document / ebook to accompany the video that explains the process! :)

The process is demonstrated using 3ds Max, however the concepts demonstrated are transferable to other programs that have symmetry tools.

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