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Dreadnaught - 3d / PS Matte Painting Tutorial.

The video tutorial is nearly 3 hours long, full 1080 resolution (real time); comes with all 3d assets and textures, .PSD artwork, 47 page book to accompany the process.

The tutorial will cover the process in real time, starting off with the 3d ship created in my last tutorial Rapid Symmetry Design (not required) I begin this tutorial by applying textures to the model using projections, then lighting the scene, including creating volumetric lighting and rendering the elements I will need later. i then compose the renders in Photoshop and begin the process of over painting the ship to create a final matte painting.

This video begins where my previous tutorial (Rapid Symmetry Design) leaves off, however I've provided the ship model, so no other tutorial is required to follow along.

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