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The Red Orchid Beast - PSD walkthrough

Disclaimer : I recommend using VLC free media player if you have any issues viewing the videos !

-In this tutorial, I will walk you through the layers of this .PSD one by one, while explaining the choices and techniques I use. I will also show a few tricks and tips on those specific techniques and demonstrate how I use them.

This is approximately a 2h long narrated tutorial, which goes through the layers of 3 different .PSDs that are in the same state than when this was painted.

Each .PSD is included so you can look at it on your own as well layer by layer, as well as the steps to quickly see the evolution of the image.

The main techniques I go over are : -Quick composition blockout using chaos and some photobashing techniques -Using the mixer brush tool to generate textures and create rich colors -Overall approach to color on the image -Thought process on creating storytelling from a blank page.

-This is for personal education use only, and may NOT be re-used for commercial purposes. You may not re-sale any of this content.

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