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Impasto oil imitation brush set V2.0

This Photoshop brush set is designed to imitate traditional oil paint and charcoal sketching tools to give your work a more traditional media look.

These brushes come in tool preset and standard ABR format. Brushes with "mixer" in the name are to be used with the mixer brush tool, brushes with "smudge" in the name are to be used with the smudge tool.

This set contains

45 oil imitation brushes with various texture patterns. 31 mixer brushes and with texture patterns. 3 craquelure effect brushes for a cracked varnish effect. 4 charcoal drawing brushes with texture pattern. 4 smudge brushes. This set was created in Photoshop CS5.

I keep the brush options window open (press F5 to bring it up) so I can adjust the texture and colour dynamic options as i paint. Sometimes you will want deeper textures, other times you will want light or no textures. I usually paint the vast majority of a piece with normal brushes then use mixer brushes at the end.

For reference the PC specs I use these brushes with are an AMD FX 8350, 12GB DDR3 ram, GTX 960 graphics card.

You will get 2 files

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