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Expressive Watercolours for PS CS5+

Inspired by watercolor artists such as Chien Chung Wei, Joseph Zbukvic and of course John Singer Sargent. This set contains a total of 30 custom brushes, mixer brush variants and erasers for getting an authentic watercolor effect. This pack is in tool preset (.tpl) format.

I've grouped these brushes into 3 main categories.

Opaque. No opacity controlled by pen pressure. I often use these for shape creation for masking or adding back flecks of exposed paper. Pooler. These are the fun ones, they have the wet on dry effect of pigment pooling on the edge of brush strokes. Soaker. Gives the wet on wet effect of adding darker washes on top of existing areas of paint. I mainly use these on new layers with blending modes + the included wet edge layer styles. Choose between tool preset .tpl and standard .abr format. As watercolor is a transparent medium i get the most authentic results from building up from light to darker tones using various blending modes on new layers, this has a nice effect with color and preserves texture. The blending modes I use the most are linear burn, linear light, multiply, color dodge, soft light and good old normal layers.

The included paper texture layer styles add a pattern overlay texture to a layer that remains even if smudged or painted over with opaque brushes. This allows you to work on a single layer apposed to adding a layer with a blending mode when you want to use another colour.

For reference the PC specs i use these brushes with are AMD FX 8350 cpu, 12GB DDR3 ram, GTX 960 graphics card.

If you have any problems just message me and i will do my best to get back to you.


Using tool presets

Using layer styles

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