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High Poly Models

86K Photorealistic Earth

This detailed 3d model comes equipped with high resolution textures, with his respective night lights.

Easy to use, only it needs to move the solar light towards where it is wished and automatic in the shaded part there were activated the lights of the night cities.


· Biggest definition textures.

· Scene lights add.

· POLY COUNT can be edited.

· Land day/night textures

· Atmosphere materials.

· Standard Lighting settings (Deflaut render, Cloud Shadow map.)

· 86k Textures (86400 x 43200px.)

· Dynamic day/night shader.

· High quality fast render.

· The number of polygons can be reduced with meshsmooth settings.

·Compatible with MAX 2010 and later.

·Mental Ray, Vray and Deflaut Scanline Renderer are suported.

-Ready to render.


The scene contains:

4 Spheres

++++Earth Layer (8 Day Surface Map and 8 Night Surface texture.)

·The Earth texture has been divided in 8 parts (21600 x 21600px.) that are mapped in 8 areas.

·Each 'DayMap' has his own 'NightMap' assigned and UV Mapped.

·In total, 16 terrain textures.

++++Cloud Shadows Layer (Cloud Map.)

· This is the layer that create the cloud shadows effect.

· Clouds (43200 x 21600px)

++++Cloud Layer (Cloud Map.)

·This is the atmospheric layer that contains the cloud effect, it can be moved independently to another.

·This layer uses the same texture than the cloud shadows layer.

++++Atmosphere Layer (Cathm)

· This atmospheric layer does not use texture.

  • 17 Textures:

·Day Surface Map ( 8 maps of 21600x21600px) TOTAL= 86K map (*.JPG format).

·Night Surface Map ( 8 maps of 21600x21600 px) TOTAL= 86K map (*.JPG format).

·Cloud Map (43200x21600 px) / Tileable.

  • 11 Materials

No external plugins, deflaut render.


You may need a powerful computer to load it.

When the textures are loaded in max scene, the render no takes longer tan 30 seconds, (4000x4000).

Because the high size of textures, it can appears some texture seams in the surface.

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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