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Sub-Division Modeling – Beginner Series Volume 4

Subdivision modelling is a technique used to create high detail models that can be transferred to low poly models in game engines. In this course you will gain the foundational high poly modeling skills you will require to succeed in your career.

The next step to creating beautiful 3D modeling is learning Sub-D modeling. In order to create those impressive models you see in games, you need to know how to create a high poly model. This course teaches you the foundation you need to understand to tackle this very complex workflow. Follow along with the assignments and exercises and you will gain solid ground in this technique.


Learn how subdivision modeling works across all packages using the same theory. In the first part of the course you will learn the basic fundamentals of control loops and tessellation.


In this fun set of exercises you will create some complex Sub-D forms to really help you get used to the tools and the technique.


In this extra section, learn a completely new and exciting workflow for creating high poly meshes in Zbrush by using a Boolean method which cuts the time of modeling in half!

Course Content

– Module 1: Intro to Subdivision Modeling

– Module 2: How You Model Dem Shapes?

– Assignment #1: Add Control Loops to Treasure Chest

– Module 3: Modeling Complex Objects

– Assignment #2: Model a Complex Object

– Module 4: Modeling a Laser Thermometer

– Bonus Chapter: Zbrush High Poly Dynamesh / Boolean Workflow

– Final Assignment: Model a Small High-Poly Prop


Students are recommended to have completed the Editing Polygons – Beginners Series Volume 3 course. SKILLS LEVEL: Beginner 3D Studio Max is required to complete the lessons. The bonus chapter at the end requires Zbrush


  • Short, easy to consume videos for maximum memory retention.
  • Learn what is being taught in expensive college programs for a fraction of the cost.
  • Practical assignments throughout the course to put into practice what you’ve learned.

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