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Halloween Kitbash V2

The Halloween Kitbash collects all of the resources I used to smash digital pumpkins and Halloween goodies all day with. I have cleaned up the subtools and compiled several well-organized brushes and resources to get you rapidly producing Halloween models, decorations and collectibles quickly.

The Halloween Kitbash is great resource for experienced users to those new to the world of digital sculpting. Particularly if you are new to ZBrush the Halloween Kitbash is a great way to get comfortable with the fundamentals and nuances that ZBrush offers without getting stuck wondering what to do or where to begin. Simply fire up the project file, load in the brushes and let yourself enjoy the freedom to explore with direction to aim for!

This is a passion project of mine, Halloween is my favorite time of year and I love carving pumpkins. I use this all the time when I’m not feeling particularly creative as it gives me a starting point to explore with. The end results are surprising and constantly has me creating new materials to include. I will always be updating this kit with new brushes, project files and reference over time, so you’re not just getting a static product. New content will always be added.

What’s included: gbs-extrude-rind extrude profile brush gbs-extrude-stem extrude profile brush gbs-halloween-kitbash IMM brush gbs-pumpkin-details VDM brush gbs-stem-tentacle curve brush gbs-halloween-kitbash-starter-v2 project file pumpkin all previous versions

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